EKO Industrial provides result-oriented consulting services and represent international companies in Turkey with its experienced and competent staff. Our mission is to understand the value chain in depth, identify key issues and bottlenecks and provide an action-oriented solution.

EKO Industrial with its functional competencies, consult in many different areas which create concrete value in a short period of time.

Some examples of projects developed

PAKI Logistics offers EURO pallet rental management services in Europe and keeps its market leader position in this field. Operating in 22 countries European wide, serves leading industrial companies in food, retail and automotive sectors. PAKI Logistics works with EKO Industrial since 1,5 years to establish market entrance to Turkish market. EKO Industrial provided services in the areas of market research, marketing, sales support, logistics set-up , tax and customs investigation. Thanks to its industry experience and business network, EKO Industrial saved significant time and provided key opportunities  to PAKI Logistics

Axios is one of the leading companies on healthcare consulting. It has chosen EKO Industrial to serve one of its clients on a business development project to enter Turkish Market. With its industry experience and business network,  EKO Industrial was able to help Axios to make a quick assessment and give guidance at many important strategic and operational issues that add value to its customer.

Mete Group is one of the leading companies in Turkey about logistics and food distribution. It has been a key partner for Unilever for more than 50 years. Mete Group is also one of the companies in Fortune 500-Turkey. Mete Group got consultancy service from EKO Industrial for one of Unilever’s most important logistics investments. Thanks to its expertise in logistics and operation management, EKO Industrial helped Mete Group to win the tender and gain a very important strategic opportunity.

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